Marie-Therese & Henrik

We are getting married!!!

You found it.

On this page you will find information about the wedding, the party, practical details and directions. Do not forget to RSVP at the bottom of the page no later than 22 May and talk to the toast couple no later than 20 June.

Dont hesitate to contact us or the toast couple if you have any questions. We are looking forward to seeing you at our wedding!

The story about us.

We met in Örnsköldsvik on August 10, 2013.

Marie-Therese had just moved back to town and Henrik had lived and worked there for a few years. We had both found the love of climbing and it was during an excursion with High Coast Climbing Club that we first met and found love for each other. Marie-Therese needed a ride and Henrik volenteered. It was instent sparks and a few months after we were a couple.

Now you are invited to share the day where we take the next step in our history together.

The cenrmony 

In case of sun or drizzle, the cermony will takes place in Geråsen's nature reserve. In case of rain, in Viby church. The church and the nature reserve are a stone's throw away, about 35 minutes south of Örebro in Viby.

Children are more then welcome during the wedding and dinner, but preffely spend the evening without children.

Geråsen or Viby church?

Here we will announce the place of the wedding.

Keep a lookout!

Wedding toast & dinner

Restaurant Egastronomi

Phone: + 46 70 878 57 63 


Hällabrottet Trilobiten, 692 92



Gathering, we will announce the wedding venue here on the website.

Nice weather: The wedding will take place at Geråsen's nature reserve and we gather at the parking

spot that we marked on the map.

Rain: Gathering in Viby church.

Geråsens naturreservat, 694 95 Vretstorp.

Viby By Kyrkan 150, 694 95 Vretstorp



During the wedding ceremony, a photographer will be on site to

eternalise our day so that you can focus on being fully present.


Wedding toast & mingel

Restaurang Egastronomi, Yxhultsvägen 11, 692 92 Kumla


Dinner and wedding cake


The bride and groom start off the party on the dance floor.


  • Hotell kumla Located 7 minutes by car from the restaurant, large hotel with rooms from 1200 SEK / night.
  • Villa hälgholmen Located 2 minutes by car from the restaurant, B&B, SEK 995 / night.

Dress code 

smart casual:

Suit, jacket or chinos and short. (Not jeans or shorts)

Dress, trouser suit or jumpsuit. (Not in white or light beige)


As the wedding takes place in a nature reserve, shoes accordingly are recommended. the walk in nature reserve is about 300m. Alternatively, a pair of shoes to change into at the party.


The best gift is your presence. If you still want to give something to pay attention to our day, we appreciate a contribution to our honeymoon.

The honeymoon will depart during the winter months to Cancún in Mexico with Club Med for all 4 of the family.

Contact the Toast couple

Do you want to give a speech or are have any questions about something practical for the day?

RSVP for speech by June 20.

Maria Isaksson

Phone: 070 231 15 80

Patrik Arvidsson

Phone: 076 787 90 53


yes, absolutely!
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